We who live in Japan feel the beauty of each season and the delicate and expressive color of Japanese cuisine. In the theme of “Shiki”, we propose gentle eating habits for the body and the environment. Shiki is produced by a Michelin-starred chef who wins Michelin awards every year. A variety of products that are made with professionalism and refinement of traditional techniques.
Shiki is committed to delicate, one-of-a-kind flavors that allow you to taste the goodness of natural ingredients without the use of additives.

Natural Material

Shiki の商品は使用する素材にこだわり、素材の美味しさを実感していただける調味料を提供しております。 さまざまな美味しさを体感できる Shiki のこだわりをお楽しみください。

Shiki's products are crafted with the finest ingredients, and offer seasonings that allow you to experience the deliciousness of the ingredients. Enjoy Shiki's commitment to experiencing a variety of tastes.

Shiki's completely additive-free ginger syrup and lemon syrup. We have used carefully selected Japanese-grown ginger and lemon, and boiled them with herbs that go well with each.
The syrups can be served with water or sofa water and are perfect for hot summer day...

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  • A syrup made using whole fruits mixed with herbs and spices. A different rich and extravagant flavor for sour cocktails and other cocktails and teas.

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